Court of Owls and The Culling Reading Order!

For those of you who have been following the New 52 from DC and have been hoping for a big crossover event, well, your wish is granted! While the Trinity War story arc is going to be the first New-52-wide story arc next summer, we’ve got two events before that to tie us over! From April to May, several story arcs will be concluding by crossing over into several different series. DC has been so kind as to provide a pretty great reading order for us. The Court of Owls, the story arc that has been central to the main Batman comic since the relaunch will be tied up in the Night of the Owls event. The Culling will be comprised of the various Young Justice related title, all leading up to the first issue of The Ravagers, one of the second wave comics from the New 52.

3 thoughts on “Court of Owls and The Culling Reading Order!

  1. I’m still amazed at how many writers were interested in doing the Court of Owls storyline. I may pick up The Culling; the previews of it looks interesting enough.

  2. I don’t understand culling stiiiiiill >__> I don’t understand the culling stilllll >_< Is it something like the culmination of the NOWHERE storyline, where they were hunting down the metas? I was aslo looking at the court of the owls storyline and miiite pick that one up too, just cuz i'm interested in how it ties to NW, since he was the only bats-story i'm reading atmv
    also allergic to grammar :3

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