Megaforce to Use Goseiger

Saban Brands has revealed through a press release today the basic story for the next Power Rangers series. Power Rangers Megaforce, the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers series, will air over two years starting in 2013 and will use the footage from Tensou Sentai Goseiger as its base.

The press release stats that an ancient warrior named Gosei, with the help of his robot assistant Tensou, has been fighting the forces of the Warstar aliens for centuries on earth. When the Warstar empire sets their invasion plans into full motion, Gosei is forced to call upon five teenagers with attitude to form his new team of warriors, the Power Rangers Megaforce. The press release goes on to state that two other evil factions will arise to threaten the Megaforce Rangers as well.

So, while indirectly stated, we know this series is going to be based off Goseiger now. Hm, “An ancient warrior and his robot assistant gather five teenagers with attitude…” now where have we heard that before? The international licensing expo begins tomorrow, we’re likely to see more information then and we’ll keep you posted!

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