Kamen Rider Wizard is Here!

Here we are! The long await reveal of the next Kamen Rider, Wizard! (and a monster) Or at least a few leaked pictures. (one in suspiciously good quality) He’s got himself a belt with a hand on it, a long coat, and what looks like rings as a gimmick, one looking a lot like his face. (speaking of, it’s totally a Hibiki update if you ask me) The pictures were posted on HJU courtesy of a poster in Japan by the name of Tokumaru and DecaEnd posted this tidbit of information that came from the initial post in Japanese:

“There was a child actor training high kicks.
Main character was wearing a red cardigan.
One of the spells sounded something like ‘chi chi nn pui pui'”

In addiction to this, we’ve learned that his base form is called Flame Style while his weapon is known as the Wizardswordgun.

More information will supposedly be hitting our faces on July 12th (and around then as well) so we’ll be keeping our eyes open.

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