Toei Releases Director’s Cut of Episode 31 & 32 of Kamen Rider Fourze!


As per the usual nowadays, Toei plans to release a Director’s Cut of one of the climactic arcs in Kamen Rider Fourze’s run. The DVD and Blu-Ray set, called Kamen Rider Fourze: CLIMAX Episodes, will feature episodes 31 and 32 which cover the debut of Fourze’s Climax States. With a release date of October 21st, 2012, the trailer below shows highlights from said episodes. This is the first Director’s Cut episodes that have been taken from the middle of a series, with past sets taking episodes from either the first two episodes or the last two episodes. We also get a small easter egg towards the end: Koichi Sakamoto does the voice over promoting the Director’s Cut in Japanese.

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