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Here we are! There’s finally a trailer out for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tv series! Airing next year on Nick, this will be the first show to be in full CGI for the franchise, it’s also going to be the first show made after Nick bought all of the rights to the Ninja Turtles as a property. The look of the show is probably going to cause a splinter (ohoho am I sly or what) within the fanbase. This isn’t the super dark and realistic off model looking show that a lot of people wanted, but it isn’t terrible either. You can tell who they are, but at the same time there’s a fun new look for them. This being modern day turtles though, I wouldn’t expect anything but some really good writing. Personally I love that they’re finally letting go of the idea that the turtles always need to sound like the original incarnations of each other. The voice cast is what hooked me int he most here and I can’t wait until we see the first episode next year.