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Bikes! Wizard has one!

There was some surprise that Wizard’s reveal didn’t give us a view at his bike, but now thanks to a Japanese Tweeter, we’ve got our first look at Wizard’s bike. It’s looking to be in the style of Kiva and Hibiki’s bikes, personal favorites of mine. Or it could be a dirt bike. I might possibly be blind. Though a dirt bike definitely increases the odds of awesome stunts.

No direct confirmation on this one, but we’ve got an image purporting to show the location of the hang out spot for this series. (an antiques boutique, btw)

And the reason you’re all probably here – Seiji Takaiwa has been confirmed to continue on as the suit actor for Kamen Rider Wizard. He’s done 12 out of th 14 lead Heisei Kamen Riders, can anything stop this guy?