So while everyone is out being happy at Power Morphicon, I am here being totally not bitter about it. Not one bit.

Megaforce stuff after the jump.Thanks to Rangerboard and Rangercrew for spreading this information, we’ve got ourselves pictures of toys and other random bits of information regarding Power Rangers Megaforce, the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

– The main villain is going by the name Vrak.
– The grunts are called Loogees.
– Wave one of toys includes Crak, Loogees, and all six rangers.
– The Megaforce morpher is called the Gosei Morpher .
– The Gosei Morpher WILL read cards.
– There will be a Megaforce themed card game released with cards available with toys and in packs.
– The 20th anniversary Power Morpher will retail at $50