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[好きすき超魔球] Suki Suki Chou Makyuu
I Really Like the Love Balls

Things go back to normal, or at least as normal as they can be in this series, after Burai finally joins the team. Sort of. As a monster attacks the city and renders various members of the team useless, Burai struggles with the decision to leave the Lapless Room and join his brother on the battlefield at the cost of some of his 25 hours of life beyond that room remaining.

Writer: Nobuhira Sugimura

While Boi and Dan enjoy their free time with a game of catch, Satoko, a girl who lives in the apartment building their secret base is under, runs by crying. It turns out a boy named Jiro has been making fun of her, though the kid totally denies it. Dan guesses that the kid probably has a crush on Satoko and this is the only way he can express his feelings. Jiro totally flips at the thought and runs off while the others laugh. Jiro totally likes Satoko though, as he confesses to himself while alone.

Watching everything from above, Bandora finds herself disgusted at the prospect of young love. It doesn’t help that Lami and Griffozer aren’t too shy about showing their affection for each other. So! Bandora has Pleplechuan cook up a monster by the name of DoraPixe. Thi is…a pretty odd monster. It’s basically a kid with some weird monster make up in a…very glittery baseball suit. If this wasn’t bizarre enough, he’s dubbed older by an older woman and that just makes all of this monster’s scenes so very surreal.

Back on earth, Jiro is trying to gather the courage he needs to confess his feelings to Satoko. As luck would have it, DoraPixe chooses this exact time and place to appear. The pixie begins throwing balls at people that, when swallowed, cause them to fall in love with the first thing they see. Satoko soon has a horde of kids on her trying to make her marry them. They learn that the only way to defeat DoraPixie is to break its horn. The rest of the team is befuddled as they see the odd behavior of people all over the city.

When the team notices DoraPixie, with Totpat and Bukbak, causing havoc, they into battle, but not before Lami and Griffozer appear and sic the Golems on the team. Before anyone can transform, Boi and Dan find themselves under the spell of DoraPixie’s love balls. I could have probably worded that better, I know.

Jiro watches the mayhem and realizes that taking on of DoraPixie’s balls and using it on Satoko will have the girl falling in love with him, so he steals one! The rest of the team retreats, being pretty much unable to fight with Dan and Boi on the field chasing after Mei like idiots. Back at their base, Dan and Boi are locked up in a small prison cell while the team learn from Barza that DoraPixie is one of the various cupids of myth. This guy is a little more of a handful than the others though as he tends to make people that have no business liking each other fall in love. The team are a little worried about facing this threat with two men down while they also wonder where in the world Burai could be.

Jiro’s idea of forcing Satoko to like him goes about as well as you can imagine. It’s not long before DoraPixie finds him and the team are on the scene! A battle begins and…Goushi finds one of those balls in his mouth and in love with…the sidecar of his motorcycle. Yeah. This is an…amusing scene, if only because Goushi’s actor comes off as completely absurd trying to act so lovey-dovey, with a sidecar of all things.

Lami and Griffozer come down in giant form and Geki calls Tyrannozaurus to defend the city from their attacks. Jiro saves Satoko from the rest of the horde of kids just before he can confess, DoraPixie comes running by with Mei giving chase. Mei finally manages to catch DoraPixie thanks to some help from Jiro and Satoko and breaks the horn on the monster’s head, causing the spells on everyone to wear off.

And this causes DoraPixie to transform into a giant monster, this time actually looking like a monster rather than just a kid in makeup. It uses its gas breath to make Mei and the other kids fall in love with it. Boi and Dan arrive and soon we’ve got four Guardian Beasts out on the field trying to wrap the situation up.
If there’s one thing I’ve been enjoying from this show on a pretty consistent level, it’s the mecha action. I’m not usually the biggest fan, but Zyuranger is a show that knows how to keep things fresh and original. We don’t always go straight to robot modes, here we actually see the four Guardian Beasts fighting in their regular forms.It’s so much fun seeing Tyrannozaurus duke it out with Lami and Griffozer. The suit seems to allow the suit actor a wider range of movement and we get fight scenes that feel more energetic and beast-like.

Anywho! The team is getting their ass kicked without Mei to form DaiZyuJin. Burai from the Lapless Room realizes he has to go out and help them, but struggles with the decision knowing that he only has 25 hours left to live. After hearing his brother’s call for help, Burai heads out and lends the others Dragon Caesar to form GouRyuJin. I’m also a huge fan of GouRyuJin, probably moreso than DaiZyuJin. I love those giant knees that jut up, it gives the steps the robot takes some nice impact in comparison to its relatively light upper frame.

It’s not long before the team regains the upper hand and manage to take down DoraPikie, with Lami and Griffozer hightailing it out of there. Burai watches on for a moment before leaving and making Geki wonder why his brother doesn’t want to stick around.

Also, you’ve gotta wonder if the only reason they had DoraPixie go from a kid in make up to a monster suit was just so they could avoid the horrifying scene that would be GouRyuJin actually killing what looks like a kid. Or at least that’s what went through my head as I watched the battle. The second form of DoraPixie isn’t very elaborate compared to what we’ve seen in the series thus far, so I wonder if it was sort of a last minute thing.

Moving on, Jiro finally manages to tell Satoko that he actually likes her! Or rather, Satoko guesses it, but she teases him and this assures the rest of the team that she really likes him. You know, I’m not the biggest fan of kid actors in tokusatsu, but whoever plays Jiro is a pretty decent actor for a kid. I’ve felt that most kid actors in this show sort of seem to all have the same blank expression on their face regardless of what they’re reading from the script. The kid playing Jiro actually does a nice job at reacting to other characters and just going with the ton of the scene. It would have been nice to have seen him as a regular.