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Two more titles for the upcoming fifth wave of DC’s New 52 have been announced.

2809500-thresh_cv1_varFirst up is Batman/Superman coming out in June. The title features the two iconic superheroes teaming up and is a revival of a title that ran before the reboot of the DCU. Also coming in June is Larfleez, the newest addition to the Green Lantern family of titles. Larfleez is spinning out of his miniseries in Threshold and will follow the greedy Larfleez, the sole bearer of the Orange Lantern ring. I’m happy about that one, very, very happy. Larfleez is probably my all time favorite Lantern character.

At the moment it seems as if the fifth wave of titles will include Batman/Superman, Larfleez, The Green Team, The Movement, and quite possibly The Man of Steel, Jim Lee’s newest Superman series.

source: USA Today, MTV Geek