Green Lantern New Guardians Issue 8

Green Lantern New Guardians #8

Tony Bedard (writer), Tyler Kirkham (pencils), Nei Ruffino (colorist) Batt (inker)

This issue sees the first arc’s opening come to a close as Invictus frees the Lanterns to defeat Larfleeze rather than killing them all, something he was more than capable of doing. The lanterns find themselves  back in their own universe after escaping the Orrery, the artificial solar system created by Invictus. Everyone realizes they’re running low on juice and need to recharge their rings but things begin to grow worse when everyone learns that the central power battery battery for the Yellow Lanterns no longer exists. Enraged and unable to believe any such thing could be possible, Arkillo sets off to find out just what is going on. Munk is soon called away by his head Lanntern and the remaining Lanterns forge a plan. Everyone will go recharge their rings, Bleeze will escort Kyle to earth since he is particularly low on energy. Arkillo soon discovers what’s been going on with Sinestro, that he joined the Green Lanterns once again and wiped out the Yellow Lantern Corps. A surviving member of the corps leads Arkillo to a power battery he has forged on his own and lets him be the guinea pig for the thing. Arikillo recharges, now inserting his name into the oath rather than Sinestro’s, and all hell is about to break loose.

So long story short, New Guardians continues to be my favorite of the New 52 comics! The action moves at a great pace and never seems to overpower the slower points in the story. Vice versa. There is a bit of a perfect balance going on here and I can only hope this continues for a long time to come because I have not had this much fun reading a comic in ages. Somehow, we’ve got all of our Lanterns being friendly towards one another, or as friendly as a Yellow Lantern can be. This is a great sort of continuation from the topics brought up in the last issue, namely that even a Yellow Lantern is capable of friendship in their own unique way.

Bleeze really surprised me with her behavior in this issue as well. I guess now we have a general idea of when this series is taking place in regards to the other Lantern titles as a long of issues from those series are referenced here. We see the Red Lantern has her identity back and is no longer a mindless monster, so this roughly correlates with issue four or five of Red Lanterns. Also, call me weird, but I get the feeling some sort of romantic plot might be on its way with Kyle and Bleeze. As the guy noted, it’s a little odd to see her caring about the other members of their ragtag little group.

This issue also starts to set various future story arcs into play. Along with the universe that Invictus brought, a black hole followed. Turns out that it definitely was not the fallen angel who brought it along with him and now there’s the question of who else is trying to pull strings here. For as powerful as Invictus is, there might just be someone far stronger out there and the team are going to have their hands full when the time to face him comes.

Also something to note, as I figured, it seems like Larfleeze’s orange constructs aren’t mindless zombies. Glomulus was sent along to help the team and when Kyle agrees to defeat Larfleeze, Glomulus agrees not to tell Larfleeze. …of course the guy can’t actually talk, so all we see is an amusing panel in which he literally zips his mouth shut. I think one can argue that the reason he won’t tell is because Kyle says he was just bluffing to get them out of Invictus’s lair, but it still plants that seed of wonder. If these constructs are capable of their own will, are they capable of fighting against their master? I imagine Larfleeze could just as easily do away with him, but you kind of want to see the little guy be able to break free from his cruel creator.

This issue also starts a lot of ties going with various other DC titles. As one should have seen coming, we’re getting ties to the other Lantern titles. There are notes in the pages that directly tell you which issues you need to read to understand certain things. Here we’re supposed to reference Green Lantern 8, Green Lantern Corps 9, and in at the end of the issue, we’re told to read Blue Beetle 9.  I’m a little behind with Blue Beetle, and still not sure whether or not I’ll be continuing it, but I’m absolutely going to be checking out this coming issue. We’ll be following Kyle and Bleeze, along with Blue Beetle himself, as they return to earth to recharge their ring and, as expected, take down a mysterious threat.

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